At Mount Carmel, we celebrate the following occasions at Mass with the entire College community:

  • Opening College Mass (February)
  • Feast of St Marcellin Champagnat (June)
  • Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (July)
  • Year 12 Graduation (Last week of Term 3)
  • The end of the College year (Last week of Term 4)

There are also opportunities for students to attend House masses - Murray (Term 1), Howard (Term 2), Mackillop (Term 3), and Avila (Term 4).

In addition to our Masses, at other times of the year we celebrate with liturgies. A liturgy is different to a Mass. During a liturgy, we come together as a community to pray and celebrate but there is no consecration. Our extended family of parents and friends are always welcome to join us for these times of prayer. Our special liturgies include:

  • Mothers Day Liturgy (May)
  • G’Day (mid-Term 2)
  • Fathers Day Liturgy (September)

Every day, Students and staff are encouraged to make prayer a part of their lives. Most classes commence with a prayer at the start of every lesson. Prayers are included in the College student diary.

The Chapel is available to visit, and a book of intentions is located at the entrance to allow our community to write and share prayers and intentions for themselves, their family or friends or the extended community. These prayers are offered as intentions at College assemblies or masses.