1983/84 - A committee of parishoners from Ingleburn and Macquarie Fields held a series of meetings aimed at establishing a Catholic secondary school, which would be accessible to students living in the northern part of the Macarthur region. The committee then invited a representative from the Catholic Education Office and Brother Clarence Cunningham to meet with them to explore the possibilities of implementing this process.

1986 - The first group of students to actually begin at Mount Carmel were Years 7 and 8 in total of 292 students. Brother Clarence Cunningham was appointed as the first principal of Mount Carmel High School.

1990 – Brother Clarence ends his time as principal of Mount Carmel.

1991 - Brother Neville Solomon became the school's second principal.

Initial construction of the Champagnat Centre begins.

1996 – Brother Neville finishes his time as Principal at Mount Carmel.

1997 – Brother Roger Burke became Principal of Mount Carmel High School in 1997.

The Champagnat Centre was blessed and officially opened by Bishop Phillip Wilson.

1998 – Construction work begins on new extensions to Mount Carmel.

1999 – Construction is complete and classrooms are ready for use.

2000 - A time capsule organised by Mr. Anthony Fisher was buried outside the School Office on Mount Carmel Day, 21 July 2000 due to reopened on Mount Carmel Day, 2050.

Unveiling and blessing of the Jubilee Mural, mounted on the wall above the Rose Garden.

2001 – Brother Roger ends his time as Principal of Mount Carmel.

Work begins on a large building program to build a new set-up for PDHPE, Music, Drama and Dance in the form of an extension to the Champagnat Centre, a new School Library to be formed by combining the present library with the current administration block, a new Administration Centre near the top turning circle, a new facility for Special Education to be formed by converting the current Music area.

2002 – Mr John Barrington welcomed to the school as the first lay principal.

The school captains Paul Villena and Marita Cuomo organised an “International Teachers Day” luncheon to show the appreciation of the students for the “unfailing time, effort and support” provided by the teachers every day.

2003 – Sharon Attard (teacher) takes leave and begins teaching at the Marist Mission at Vanga Point in the Solomon Islands .

2004 – Mrs Dailey takes four students to work with Br Roger and Ms Attard in the Solomon Islands as part of the first immersion experience offered by the school.

Mrs Karen Wright takes over as Deputy Principal from Mr Joe Dominish and Mr Mark Donnelly.

2005 – The Atrium is the name given to the library courtyard. It was designed by Mrs Theresa Moore and opened in November by Fr Tadgh Tierney. The Atrium is “dedicated to the memory of all students, staff, ex-students and ex-staff of Mount Carmel High School who have been born to eternal life.”

Final school fete.

2006 – school 20th anniversary. Open day held on a Saturday afternoon to provide an opportunity to visit the buildings and view samples of student work. An Anniversary Dinner was also held at the Catholic Club and on Wednesday 7th June, Bishop Peter Ingham celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving with many priests of the area.

2007 – A new school uniform introduced … organised by Mrs Karen Wright and the P & F Committee..

Introduction of the new Senior Pastoral Group system where students from Year 11 and 12 were mixed into small groups

School Musical “How to Eat Like a Child” directed by Canadian exchange teacher Mr Bill Jacobsen.

2008 – 1:1 student laptop program began. All Year 7 students received their own laptop computer.

First full year of vertical system in the junior school where Year 7 to 10 students are mixed in home classes.

“Dancing with the Staff” spectacular.

World Youth Day in Australia. Mount Carmel hosted 135 pilgrims from the Cook Islands.

2009 – Full air conditioning provided to 30 classrooms.

2010 – 25th Anniversary of Mount Carmel High School

Mrs Karen Wright Acting Principal for the year and Mr John Kelly became relieving Deputy while Mr Barrington relieved Mr Alan McManus as Principal at Magdalene Catholic High School.

2011 – Brother Clarence Cunningham (founding Principal of Mount Carmel) passed away on 18th August.

Mr Wayne Marshall takes over as principal from Mr Barrington.

Mrs Karen Wright's depart's and Mr Matthew McMahon takes over as Assistant Principal.

2012 – Ex-student Geoffrey Hunt represents Australia at the London Olympics for the Marathon.

The school musical "Little Schop of Horrors" is held, directed by Miss Emily Davis.

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