College Carnivals

Mount Carmel Catholic College is a holistic school community that encourages students to fulfil their potential across a range of areas including sport and physical activity. There is no doubt that there is an inextricable link between participation in physical activity and heightened wellbeing. Our sport program encourages students to challenge themselves, to develop skills in a variety of contexts and to gain confidence through movement. Sport and physical activity opportunities are a recommended structure to exist in all schools in order to provide students with consistent health and wellbeing benefits.

College Carnivals run each year and provide an opportunity for community spirit. They are a pathway carnival to Diocesan events. Detailed information and permission notes will be available as each carnival approaches throughout the year. 

  • College Swimming Carnival - Competitors only at The Gordon Fetterplace Aquatic Centre

  • College Cross Country Carnival - All students at Mount Carmel Catholic College 

  • College Athletics Carnival - All students at Campbelltown Athletics Centre

Carnival 2