College Leadership

Mount Carmel Catholic College is led by the Principal in conjunction with the College Leadership. This group meets weekly (and more frequently when required) with the purpose of:

  • Implementing the School Review and Improvement Plan (SRI)
  • Working in line with the goals of Catholic Education, Diocese of Wollongong
  • Setting the direction for upcoming College events
  • Maintaining the day-to-day running of the College
  • Supporting various stakeholders’ rights and/or responsibilities across the College – including students, parents, and staff
  • Ensuring the existence of a quality teaching and learning climate, and
  • Employing, supporting and providing meaningful Professional Learning (PL) for Staff.

The current Leadership is made up of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Pastoral Care & Wellbeing Coordinator, Administration Coordinator and Learning Technologies Coordinator.

Stephen Lo Cascio

Stephen Lo Cascio


Simon Huntly

Acting Assistant Principal
Christine Meharg

Christine Meharg

Religious Education Coordinator
Chardonnay Miller

Chardonnay Miller

Curriculum Pedagogy Coordinator

Rebecca Toogood

Acting Curriculum Administration Coordinator
David Teuma

David Teuma

Learning Technologies Coordinator

Theresa Moore

Acting Pastoral Care & Wellbeing Coordinator